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5 Top Tips for Hospitality Management


Hospitality Management ,Witness Brand ,Witness Management ,


June 5, 2017

5 Top Tips to Hospitality Management

At Witness Management we emphasize TEAMWORK, PERFORMANCE, and CONSISTENCY to drive results.  Read our 5 top tips below for successful hospitality management.
Connect your team together:

Pulling your team together, each as a member of a cohesive group, allows for open lines of communication and reduces room for error. Communicating news, events, and schedule changes is vital for the implementation of responsibility and ownership at every level. Connect electronically with smartphone applications and be available via text or e-mail. Connect visually with professional behind-the-scene signage. Connect verbally with your team using face-to-face communication in a constructive yet motivational manner.

Learn from your mistakes:

Are your team members able to adapt to their fast-paced environment after recovering from a mistake or failing your expectations? Are they able to accept that making mistakes is completely understandable? Mistakes happen. Period. But learning from mistakes empowers the team member to recover and accept constructive suggestions. It’s a working relationship. Help them feel empowered, assuring them they can adapt to prevent a reoccurrence. This alleviates the pressure on the team member. The last thing you want is a disgruntled team member resentful of a past mistake – resolve it now, learn, adapt, and move forward!

Make guests feel comfortable:

Encourage your team members to smile during every interaction, not only with guests, but among team member interactions. Any intercommunication from front desk to operations to housekeeping, should be accompanied by a genuine smile expressing gratitude and pride of one’s work ethic. Remind your team that several powerful nonverbal communication tactics reflect upon your brand image – confident posture, direct eye contact, and of course, a pleasant smile.

Adjust to the needs of your customers:

Your guests arrive. Tired and exhausted from a long day at work, delayed flights, and perhaps a stressful meeting at work. How you greet your guests at check-in can set the tone for their entire stay. Offering a complimentary water on the spot, or someone to take your bags, would be your first step. What can you do for the overwhelmed family member who drove 600 miles with three kids in tow? Introduce them to the comforts of the lounge and restaurant area, perhaps noting the location of the recreation amenities. Some guests are easy to read and predict, but others might need a little nudging to determine the best way to satisfy their guest experience. First impressions are lasting impressions.

Motivate team members and recognize achievement:

That designated parking spot for “employee of the month” might seem cliché but there’s a reason for that sign. When your guests walk in after seeing that sign, they know a team member who drives that car, has been recognized for excellence. Motivate your team members to strive for achievement. Recognize team members who go above and beyond to accommodate guests and support daily operations with a lobby wall plaque or professional photo. Recognize, support and motivate your team.