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How to Attract Top Talent


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June 24, 2018

How to Attract Top Talent to Work for Your Business

Attracting top talent is vital for a business to run smoothly, and we realize the importance and many benefits of hiring skilled team members to join our team, from property-level positions all the way to the Enterprise Campus. Here are several ways we attract the ideal talent for our company.

A Thriving Corporate Culture

A year and a half ago, The Witness Group was created through the merger of Alliance Hospitality and KB Hotel Group. Since we became a new company, we started creating a new company culture. It began with identifying our core values: Balance, Empowerment, Service, and Transparency. We then needed to ensure that our current team understood and applied these values in everything they did. We now look for talent that embraces these values and is excited about working for a company that is expanding! Culture is a journey, as we constantly need to re-assess it to ensure we are relevant to our workforce.

We think the simplicity of our values is relevant to today’s workforce. Talented individuals are looking to work for a company they can relate to and where they feel they can be most like themselves on a daily basis. We believe having simple yet meaningful values is a magnet that attracts the top talent we are looking for!

the witness group how to attract top talent

While we don’t necessarily use philanthropic causes to attract talent, we do believe in giving back to the communities where we operate, so as an organization, we have partnered with Clean the Worldand The American Cancer Society as organizations we support. We also encourage each of our properties to choose a cause to support within their local communities. Our current team members appreciate knowing we are part of a bigger cause, and we believe the talent we are looking for does so as well.

Job Listings

It all begins with posting job listings in the right places. In addition to postings in the Career Center on our company website, we leverage Indeed and LinkedIn and have had great hiring success with those websites. Whenever a new position is available in our Career Center, we share the listing on our Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to give it the largest reach, increasing the listing’s chances of landing in front of the right candidate.

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Team Member Benefits

One way to attract new team members is by providing benefits to those who work for us. We offer a comprehensive benefits package to our full time team members including medical, dental, vision, and 401K (starting in August 2018). In addition, all team members, including part time, accrue PTO based on the hours they work, are eligible for discounts at all of our portfolio properties, and are eligible for a quarterly bonus based on the performance of their hotel.

Opportunities for Growth

We discuss the expansion and growth of the company during interviews so candidates can understand which positions may be available in the future. Growth looks different for each individual: it could mean transferring to a larger volume property, or it could mean a promotion in position. With our expansion, both are possible! When promoting internally, we will look first at our own talent to see if we have someone ready for the new challenge, and if we don’t, we will open the search externally. With the expansion we are experiencing, it is important to have a blended approach of filling positions with internal and external talent.

Are you looking for a new career in the hospitality industry? Visit our Career Center to view our current openings!