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The Witness Group

Hospitality Management ,Hotels ,Witness Brand ,

Creating a New, Innovative Website


Hospitality Management ,Hotels ,Witness Brand ,


April 12, 2017

When Alliance Hospitality and KB Hotel Group merged to form The Witness Group, we knew we needed a fresh identity.

Looking back over the past year, it’s amazing what we have accomplished. Merging multiple companies, resources, talent and portfolios is enough work on its own. Add in the need for a new identity and a website that perfectly reflects who we are, and there’s suddenly a mountain of work to do.

Help from our Friends

Luckily, we had some major assistance in fleshing out our identity and creating an innovative website that describes what we do and who we serve. We found a marketing agency that values responsible budgets, respected timelines and fresh innovation – just as we do. wowbrands worked closely with our team over the last 12 months to create a unique brand identity and came up with the ideal visual and contextual representation of The Witness Group. wowbrands CEO Andrew Catapano outlined it best:

“We realized early on that the leadership at Witness took all aspects of their rebranding, and the agency selection seriously. Over the course of our engagement, we learned of the value, integrity and innovation in everything they do and the unique responsibility we had of defining their brand in the digital space. The end result was a unique blend of strategy, copy and visuals that showcase Witness’ best-in-class approach to investing and high-quality management.”

Choosing the Right Words

Determining the copy that would be used to describe our services and solutions was a lengthy, yet crucial, undertaking during this process. Working in collaboration with wowbrands, we were able to agree on titles, taglines and slogans for our three integrated solutions – WITNESS Investment, WITNESS Construction and WITNESS Management. Creating a copy that ensured our ability to define ourselves and promote our services was essential in launching a new website and a new brand.

Website Design

The process of designing an original, innovate website that differentiated us in the marketplace was an ongoing effort that incorporated brand identity, strategic vision, and copy that reflected what we do and who we are. Through a back-and-forth, well-vetted process of choosing the right colors, words and design elements, wowbrands was able to present us with a design that properly communicated our narrative and laid the foundation for the trust and reputation we want to earn going forward.