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Hospitality Management Careers: Attracting and Retaining Millennials


Careers ,Hospitality Management ,Hotels ,Witness Management ,


June 26, 2017

Hospitality Careers: Attracting and Retaining Millennials

Millennials recently became the largest demographic class in the workforce of the United States. They’re a group of 17-38 year olds who, in the next 5 years, will account for almost half of the United States income earners. Occasionally labeled by psychologists and critics as the stereotypical “entitled” or “narcissistic” generation, Millennials be can misunderstood as a generation focused on themselves. In fact, studies have shown that they are more team-oriented than previous generations having been educated in such a way that fosters team skills. They’re sure of themselves in many aspects, but seek out feedback and affirmation of their accomplishments. As Generation X becomes more settled in their careers, Millennials are jumping at the opportunity to create their own paths and connect among themselves within the workplace. The Witness Group recognizes this opportunity, and we feel it’s important to share our knowledge and experience of attracting and retaining this valuable demographic class to reenergize the workplace and revolutionize hospitality management.


Be Tech Savvy

As a tech-savvy generation of digital communicators, the most important factor of integrating Millennials into the workplace is by using interactive technology within operations management. Update and upgrade your operational systems and stay on top of software and digital products that can save time and money. Help Millennials to be more efficient in the workplace because efficiency is one of their beneficial characteristics. Connect the team with a digital intercommunication network to address their needs to have a voice, be heard, and be creative. Create an internal social network.

Be Honest

Millennials want to work for honest people with good values and long-term goals. Ethical work standards are critical in order to attract and retain Millennials, decrease turnover, and increase long term success. They value their relationships and want to engage with team leaders. Don’t ignore their need for feedback and support. They thrive on feeling important in their jobs, to be wanted and needed. Be available for these team members and devote your time to improving relationships, giving constructive criticism, teaching, and instilling specific skills needed to thrive in the hospitality workplace. And it’s not just a corporate mission statement anymore; you’ve got to push your core beliefs and practice them daily.

Push Work-Life-Balance

Hotel Management leaders need to address the Millennial need for a work-life balance. It’s absolutely imperative to set goals and clear expectations and to follow up and provide feedback on accomplishments and achievements. Millennials want, most of all, to be happy and content with their careers. They’re much more flexible with their schedules, a huge benefit for the 24-hour hospitality schedule, but you need to foster an atmosphere for work-life balance.

Be a Team Member

Hospitality General Managers are reinventing human resource terminology. Instead of referring to them as employees, they use the term “team members,” eliminating the corporate culture mindset, which this generation doesn’t admire or respect. Housekeeping is an antiquated career title! Use more modern career titles such as Room Attendant, Guest Services Attendant, Breakfast Coordinator, Executive Services Manager, and Guest Representative. Use titles that refer to the guest experience as a team effort, with equal participation of all levels of team members, from cleaning the rooms to managing the front desk.

Be Socially Conscious

Millennials are socially conscious people who respond to words like “organic” and “sustainable” and “community.” Create a workplace ambiance where they feel a sense of responsibility to the environment, socially and behaviorally. Healthier food options and gourmet cafe options are a plus. Volunteering and giving back to their local community allows them to feel worthy and acts as a positive reinforcement for their own personal goals. Strive to make your hotel as green as possible, using ratings systems like IHG’s Green Engage and LEED certified building techniques.


The Witness Group understands that the future of the hospitality industry depends on the inclusion of the Millennial generation. It’s an undisputed fact. Using a coordinated effort between upper management and human resources, attracting and retaining Millennials can be as simple as responding to their needs and utilizing their unique talents.

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