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The Witness Group

Witness Construction ,Witness Group ,Witness Investment ,Witness Management ,

Invest. Build. Manage. Three Solutions, One Mission


Witness Construction ,Witness Group ,Witness Investment ,Witness Management ,


April 11, 2017

How our three core solutions work together to create the ideal trifecta for funding, building and managing the perfect stay.

The Witness Group is an umbrella company with three unique, yet fully integrated solutions. While we operate under overlapping values, each solution contributes its own worth to our company’s mission. Below, dig deeper into the goals of each solution and learn a little more about the branding process behind them.

WITNESS Investment

All personnel interacting with investment opportunities, financial management and prospective investors operate under WITNESS Investment. Our goal is to ensure the financial safety and security of all our investors, and to promote confidence in their financial futures. The slogan, “Local Market Expertise. High-Yield Returns” will help promote our services – specifically how a presence in local markets is advantageous in securing returns for investors. Teal colors were chosen to represent money invested and sophistication, with a nod to bright colors present in Indian culture.



WITNESS Construction

Personnel supporting project management and construction operate under our WITNESS Construction solution. The purpose here is to design and build cutting-edge properties on-time and within budget. The slogan, “Progressive Designs. On Time. On Budget.” establishes confidence in our services while reflecting our progressive approach to architecture and ability to complete projects on-budget and on schedule. Tangerine colors were chosen in this logo to represent the construction industry, complement our other core solutions’ colors and again, pay homage to the bright colors of Indian culture.


WITNESS Management

Personnel employed under WITNESS Management include 850+ associates that manage the day-to-day operations of our 27 brand-partner hotels in addition to our corporate staff which regularly speak and present at trade shows and other industry-specific events on topics including but not limited to: hotel management, interior design and staffing. The primary goal under this solution is to maintain a focus on fiscal responsibility and profitable operations. The slogan, “Trusted Talent. Excellence In Service” publicizes our organization’s elite operational standards and the experience of our associates. The fuchsia colors have been chosen to represent the friendly nature of the hospitality industry, catch the consumer’s eye, and show respect to the bright colors of Indian culture.