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The Witness Group

Witness Brand ,Witness Group ,

Meet The Witness Group


Witness Brand ,Witness Group ,


April 17, 2017

A Unified company that offers investors and hotel brands a turn-key service for funding, building and managing the perfect hotel stay.

In these blogs, you will learn a lot about our industry and what we do at The Witness Group. Before we get in to the variety of services we provide, we wanted to give you some information about who we areand how that has been reflected in our branding. We believe that our branding and heritage plays a vital role in helping both internal and external partners understand what we do and how we operate.


To incorporate our leadership’s Indian culture in a subtle way, the company has been named Witness as homage to the Third Eye Chakra. Located in the brain, at the brow, above the base of the nose – the Third Eye Chakra transcends time and allows us to experience clear thoughts, self reflection and deeper truths. The way of the Third Eye is being able to see everything as it is from a point of “witness.”

Logo Symbolism

Like many facets of our brand, the logo we created also has a deeper meaning that nods to our heritage. Through repetition, rotation and the addition of paisley dots, we have an elegantly simple symbol that is versatile, pleasing, and a direct inspiration from the symbol of the Third Eye.

To complement the “W” logo, our parent logo quickly conveys who we are and what we do. The color black was chosen for its versatility, elegance and all-encompassing nature. Clear space was used around the words in our parent logo to maximize readability.

What We Stand For

The Witness Group offers three distinct solutions – WITNESS Investment, WITNESS Construction and WITNESS Management, each with their own separate mission. While these unique solutions offer their own value, we collectively operate to become the trusted partner of seasoned investors, the preferred franchisee for leading hotel brands, and the ideal employer for hospitality professionals; all with exceptional results.