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Visit the All-New Witness Group Career Center


Careers ,Witness Management ,


March 3, 2018

Visit the All-New Witness Group Career Center


In case you missed it, we recently launched a brand new Career Center on our website! This new feature will allow you to find exciting career opportunities at our Enterprise Campus (Home Office), as well as General Manager and Director of Sales positions at our Witness Management Hotel properties. Be sure to check back in from time to time to see new opportunities as they arise!

How does this differ from our original page of job openings?

We wanted an engaging page that focuses on career opportunities while enhancing the overall experience of potential candidates on our site. Our new page is more mobile-friendly, and having landing pages directed toward specific job openings will help engage and increase interest for potential candidates.

Why should you explore exciting hotel management careers with The Witness Group?

With over three decades of hotel and resort management experience, our ability to exceed expectations while delivering excellent customer service has ensured stability, development, and growth opportunities for our Witness Management team members. By placing an emphasis on Teamwork, Performance, and Consistency, our focus is to collectively drive ownership to deliver long-term results.

We believe that success begins with a commitment to performing at our B.E.S.T. – Balance, Empowerment, Service, and Transparency. Witness Management focuses on promoting the success of individual team members to enable personal and professional growth while emphasizing each individual’s contribution to the team’s overall success. We firmly believe that leveraging a collective and diverse depth of experience and knowledge is core to our long-term success. By working together, our team members are able to quickly overcome operational challenges and implement ideas to deliver optimal and sustainable results.

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