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The Witness Group and the American Cancer Society


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February 20, 2018

The Witness Group Announces New Partnership with the American Cancer Society

We at The Witness Group are thrilled to announce a brand new partnership with the American Cancer Society!

After being made aware of this partnership opportunity while attending the 2017 Ohio Hotel and Lodging Association (OHLA) Annual Conference & Gala, we began talks with the American Cancer Society on how we as a business can continue to make an impact in the communities where we operate. This led to our participation in the American Cancer Society Hotel Partners Program, which went into effect on January 22, 2018.

Every one of our properties will participate in this program, which allows us to donate rooms to individuals and families who have to travel to receive treatment and need help with accommodations. Patients can request assistance through the American Cancer Society, and if they meet program eligibility requirements, the American Cancer Society will reach out to the general manager of a particular property, who then has the ability to accept all, part, or none of the reservation based on the business their hotel has for that time period.

We have already served several reservations through this program.

To learn about other ways we have given back to communities, please read our blog posts about Operation Christmas Child and How Hotels Can Help During Natural Disasters.