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The Witness Group

The Witness Group announces new website
Witness Brand

The Witness Group, a best-in-class hospitality and mixed-use development company with three unique, yet fully integrated solutions of Investment, Management, and Construction,unveiled a brand new website last week: The new website offers visitors a stunningly visual and contextually robust representation of the brand identity of The Witness Group, a merger between Alliance Hospitality and KB Hotel Group. When visiting the new website, viewers will have the ability to learn more about the three primary solutions, current portfolio, new developments, and career opportunities.

“We wanted to provide the most up to date, relevant information for investors, partner brands, hospitality vendors, and prospective employees,” said The Witness Group CEO, Ohm Patel. “The new state-of-the-art design, cutting-edge functionality, and rich content showcases everything that we are and what we want to be known for in our industry.”

Built in partnership with the Columbus, Ohio based digital agency WOW!brands, the new website was created with a holistic team of writers, designers, developers, brand strategists, and photographers. The vision was innovative and collaborative, all within responsible budgets, respected timelines, and a fresh perspective. “We were proud to be chosen as the agency to architect and design the new brand and website,” said WOW!brands CEO Andrew Catapano. “From the very first meeting six (6) months ago, up until launch…every word, every picture, every color was a nuance that was not overlooked, and played its part in telling this amazing brand story.”

“The launch of our new website marks only the beginning of our 2017 digital strategy,” said Patel. “We’re excited to build on what we have launched here and have plans to roll out a dynamic investor center, as well as a fun, and engaging digital marketing strategy.”

About The Witness Group: The Witness Group is a best-in-class hospitality and mixed-use real estate company with three unique, integrated solutions for Investment, Management, and Construction.

About wowbrands: wowbrands is a full-service creative agency that strategically partners with businesses for web design and development, digital marketing, social media, and media services.